Control My Time: Calendly

Setting appointments, then reschedule them, trying to block time, then fit in working on your business or personal appointments. Oh, yes, let’s add in the time it takes to integrate zoom. Is your head spinning yet. Right here we will put an end to that today.


How to NOT be left standing around, wasting your time just because someone never showed up or canceled.

"IT HAPPENED AGAIN! Another No-Show or Cancelation!! I could have been out playing with my friends!!! "

Is this you?

Let's put an end to that today in a minutes.

Take ownership of your scheduling!

Together you and I will ask Calendly and Google Calendar to play well with each other and manage all of your important calls and meetings.

Grab your Google mail account and log in.

Now go to

Enter your email address and log in with Your Google Email account.

Once you set up an event in Calendly, you will never have to go back and make adjustments.

Maybe an Event for quick calls (15 minute), longer calls (60) minute, new clients on Tuesday, current clients on Wednesday, you choose!!


Set it and forget it!

Your dashboard shows you your EVENTS.

You start off your trial with 3 events. (Free account only will has one event.)


The first section "What Event Is This?"

Allows you to name the event, provide instructions and (Super Power), integrate it with ZOOM!!

The next sections "When Can People Book This Event"

Where the (window) of time is set up. What days can they book with you, which hours, is there a space between appointments and other juicy features.

Following this is the "Invitee Questions".

Here you collect their name and email address and other important details. Phone number, time zone, whatever gives you the limited details you need for your meeting.

POWER TIP: Ask them a question you might ask in your call or meeting. If they answer, they are engaged. No answer, ask this question in person to save you time from meeting with someone who is not a match for your services.

Next is "Notifications And Cancellations Policy".

Here you can add details to the calendar event as it appears on their calendar. You may also add a 24 hour reminder, and a text reminder. (BOOM!)

Confirmation page is the Calendy default page UNLESS you choose to send them to a landing page.


Want another POWER TIP??!!!

Never touch Calendly again to block out your time.

Want to take a day off?

Just grab your phone and book that time on your calendar and now it is not available to others who book through Calendly.


Post Your comments and experience below

How has this helped you take back time and take ownership of your schedule?

Maybe you have a power tip to share!


- Bryan Tarr

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