As a child people would see me in church or around the family and call me the “little man”

Maybe you might find the little boy Bryan walking around with his favorite a rock in hand for comfort. I was always very loving and kind, cared for others, wanted to see them happy, thinking of others before I thought of my own needs.

As a young man, not being able to afford school, I created a well paying job, a home, a wife and felt I was in love with everything. Everything everyone told me would give me a great life.

I made many friends, was fun to be with, a good entertainer. Learned an adventure for life and became a very good supporter, a good friend, husband and a good son.

I committed my myself to make a marriage work for 16 years, spent decades creating a career in information technology including a great position at a fortune 500 company. Even tried my hand at running my own business.


You Never Forget the Feeling, in the Pit of Your Stomach, a Burning When it All Begins To CRASH! 


You wonder in that moment what you ever did to deserve this dark place without freedom.

You want to make it work and dedicate yourself to find any solution to the challenges you face. Anything so the marriage does not end, that you keep the job, and family and friends are not disappointed.

But things got worse, very quickly.

It only lasted for 16 years, yes 16 long years that silenced my soul, ignited a divorce, and ended several jobs within a matter of years. It became a time of survival.

The warrior in me fought hard. I learned to fight for my very life.

Through my trusted connections, I had the very best advice so my battle was beginning to lean in my direction.

Then comes the moment your body and mind never forget. All of my personal freedoms, income, residence, dignity and freedom taken right out of my hands and plunged into darkness, terror, and a fear for my life.


Survival Through Trusted Partnerships


Nobody could save me, get me out of this hell. Only my emotional intelligence, my state of mind saved me. The only one I could trust to rescue me was myself and God with loving support by my family, each and every day.

I was “In It But Not Of It”. I repeated that to myself every day until my release.

What I now understand in looking back was how in my life, I ran away from my deepest truth, lived someone else’s dream and lived the life that other people told me they wanted me to live. Until I came crashing hard into my own truth.

Slowly, learning to create a trusted relationship with one person at a time, over that period of my life and I found people, partners who I could trust and helped me to build a ladder to my freedom.

The day came when my I walked down the beach, toes in the sand, water flowing over my feet for as long as I wanted. The sea reminded me I was free and a new part of my journey had begun.

But how can I rebuild my life?

One trusted partnership at a time. I had to trust myself again first. I learned to dream again, to use my knowledge to serve others and trust that I was good enough and capable of creating more in my life.

Trusted partnerships soon taught me courage, a positive mindset, healthy routines and how to have fun in life. New partnerships then taught me how to be an entrepreneur first, practicing solid proven business practices I had never learned in my previous life.

I discovered that you never have a business problem, you only have personal problems that show up in business.

I discovered how to create a solid foundation for my business, bases on creating a clear brand, knowing the people who you serve best and the problems you solve, then creating messaging and content to share that story of social media. Stacking your system, strategies and technology to move your business back on track giving you freedom to do what you love most.

My hero’s journey into life mastery took a sharp spike as I began to see true results that were beyond what I imagined I could create!

Now my life is dedicated to supporting others to see in their life what could be possible for their businesses, for how they make a difference in the world and how they can scale their businesses. Scale by leveraging proven marketing technology and proven methods which helped business owners grow to 6 and 7 figures.

I’ve learned the important value of how to create a team of trusted partnerships in my business.

A business without trusted partnership will cost your lifestyle, income and the security of your family.

For those who are ready to save their future, to create a true lifestyle of freedom, I offer my courage, authenticity, accountability, honesty, fun and creativity to ensure they fully execute on their greatest dream.

This is how I will create my legacy of freedom by supporting others who should never have to experience darkness in order to take action on their dreams.


Scale Your Business Through Trusted Partnerships and Proven Marketing Technology

Maybe you hired someone to fix your marketing technology and they failed you or you tried to do it yourself and business sailed off course. You paid for the course, bought the expert advice, attended the best marketing courses and they just did not work.

Do you feel down deep that you are not making enough money, your business is too unorganized or you don’t deserve to have someone help you scale your business.

Let me show you what a great trusted partnership looks and feels like with someone who understands how to integrate marketing technology, systems and strategies, and together we will create real results for your business.